Welcome to the 2016

Robert Burns Celebrations!!!!


Greetings from the DGM (Bro. W. Scott Bartlett, )      To the immortal memory of Bro. Rabbie Burns (Bro. Andy Fors

 DG Piper & Haggis Chef (Bro. Keith Boone)        DGM & Mrs. Bartlett being piped in.           Address to the Haggis (Bro. Ken Galbraith)

Full House!

The Head Table



Greetings from the GLNL (MW Bro. Larry B. Grandy, MW GM)                                                Poosie Nancy (June Handrigan)


Chef (Bro. Barry Parsons)

Sous-Chefs (Bros. Ches Saunders, Wilson Peddle, Larry Bradley)







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