Grand Lodge of Antient Free & Accepted Masons of Scotland
District Grand Lodge of Newfoundland and Labrador

Lodge Humber No. 1475 A.F. & A.M. S.C.
Office-bearers *

Robert G. Clarke

Brother **
Master Bro. Michael J. Parsons
Immediate Past Master

Bro. Wilson C. Banfield

Depute Master

Bro. Cyril A. F. Kirby

Substitute Master Bro. Hughie Butt
Senior Warden Bro. Terrance Coates
Junior Warden Bro. Hughie Butt
Secretary Bro. Raymond Glynn Porter
Assistant Secretary Bro. John C.Sheppard
Treasurer Bro. Reginald C. Hillier

 Bro. Franklin E. Luther

Director of Ceremonies Bro. Gerald Milton James Fever
Chaplain Bro. Douglas Gordon Beattie
Senior Deacon Bro. Eugene W. Snow
Junior Deacon Bro. David L.G.Barrett
Music Director Bro. G.James Fever
Steward Bro. Carl Goudie
Bible-Bearer Bro. George Crocker
Inner Guard Bro. John Dolomount
President of Stewards

Bro. Eric R. Baker

Senior Steward Bro. Carl L.Goudie
Junior Steward

Bro. Robin G. Hollett

* In the Scottish Craft there are no Officers only Office-bearers.


** In the Scottish Craft the styles of address, i.e. Right Worshipful and Worshipful, are given only to Offices and never to individuals.

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