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At 9:30am, Friday, Dec. 11th, five Masonic Brethren devoted an hour or so of their time to entertain ‘Pervasive Needs’ students from four St. John’s schools.

Organized by teacher, Ms. Melanie Williams, her students, and students from Waterford Valley High, St. Teresa’s Elem., and St. Matthew’s Elem. assembled at Hazelwood Elementary; where Bros. Jim Rowsell, Bob Thorburn, Derrick Sheppard, Keith Noel, and Clayton Handrigan sang and played familiar Christmas songs; much to the delight of both students and teachers. These Masons, usually accompanied by Bro. Gordon Moulton, have been providing this service to Ms. Williams’ Class and others two or three times a year for several years. It is debatable which group derives more pleasure – the audience or the singers.



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